Valentine’s Day Trivia – Or Why Are We Getting Engaged Today, Again?


One of the reasons may be that commercially it is expected that you will do something along those lines romantically. This is the day that the flower and candy business truly make their money. The jewelry business does a brisk business as well. If they don’t get into the black for this day, then their business started late or not at all, at least that is the thought within the flower business.

Valentines started in the United States when a lady in the 1800’s sent a note of love to her beloved. Another fact is that the first Valentine was sent during the Revolutionary War, complete with a romantic verse. Which is it 1800’s or maybe it is one in the same and it is 18th century, whatever the case, it is a very sweet event and one that makes for sweet nothings, and sweet kisses to be exchanged with your sweetheart. Ah. There is even a post office somewhere in the western part of the states that the bulk of the Valentine’s Day mail is sent through. Probably Las Vegas since they are both the wedding and honeymoon capital of the United States Scottsdale Florist.

With electronic mail so popular, 2 / 3rds of the Valentine’s Day cards are now sent via email or electronically. Valentine’s Day makes me think of spending more time with my sweetie rather than spending more time on the computer thinking about my sweetie. Speaking of sweets, what about the candy for Valentine’s Day? The candy business I get, especially if you ever heard that saying “liquor is quicker, but candy is sweeter” line. It might be backwards, but I think it depends on who was saying it too. As a child, I remember buying and being the recipient of many a Valentine’s card and candy heart. It was definitely a sugar feast. When did the flower business get into it, though if it was started with a note? Once I was in high school, people were exchanging flowers with their cards. Was that introduction from the parents or the flower industry on television? I bet it was television. That used to be our fast influence then. I am sure full page spreads by florists were taken out around Valentine’s Day, in local newspapers though too.

But how did flowers become king of road on and around Valentine’s Day weekend? In olden times, the dates between February 13 and February 18 coincided with the Fertility Festival and Saint Valentine’s death was on the fourteenth. The initial commemoration of this saint was for his acts of kindness toward his fellow man. I am sure flowers were brought to brighten and highlight artistically the festival and the somber time of year. And now the commemoration has turned into a commercialized event that often forgets its real celebration, like so many other holidays. Now, many men who have forgotten the day, almost until the day has arrived either scour grocery stores, florists, confectioners’ or discount stores or even jewelry stores if you are lucky, to get that perfect gift or buy a card. If you are unlucky, you may get that stuffed bear with heart pillow on a stick along with a fake rose as your present with a card for the third time in a row. Luckily, most men wake up to the fact that small cute, cheap gifts don’t go over that well and succumb to the commercialization of buying up.

For those of you who were proposed to on Valentine’s Day there could be a Valentine’s Day wedding in your future too. Las Vegas is the second most used wedding place in the world and somewhere in Las Vegas metropolis at least 315 weddings are performed on average on a daily basis with Valentine’s Day being the most popular. If you do get engaged on Valentine’s Day and you want loads of flowers on your wedding day inexpensively, then do not aim for a Valentine’s Day or even during the month, especially preceding February 14th, for the day for your wedding. February is one of the most expensive wedding months, if you are planning to use flowers, because Valentine’s Day is coming up, and as mentioned before, the cost of the flowers will eat a hole in your wallet. If you thought only the major holidays have been commercialized, you have not been paying attention to Valentine’s Day feeding frenzy in stores. This year’s Valentine’s Day, caused near pandemonium when one online florist could not produce the flowers ordered. Most of the United States flowers are shipped in from South America and if there are poor roads because of snow storms in between their final destination, the flowers expected are waylaid and can spoil.

Red roses have been in short supply this year, but really the male population could have taken heart, since that is the often the only color given to women on Valentine’s Day. It has become clich├ęd almost too easy. Choose another color, choose another flower to show independence from the norm and show real ingenuity and love in caring to be different. Cards, flowers, and candy are always appreciated, no matter what time of the year and especially on our birthday, but you could be.